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Dog training for Major Leauge Baseball Superstar Hanley Ramirez 4 mo old African Borbeol Candy

Hanley Ramírez is a Dominican professional baseball first baseman for the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball. Ramírez is a three-time MLB All-Star, and received the 2006 National League Rookie of the Year Award. He has played in MLB for the Red Sox, Florida / Miami Marlins and Los Angeles Dodgers.
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Teresa has been a wonderful trainer. It has been a great experience to work with her. My dog has been changed drastically. I am very happy with the results. Thank you for a great experience. 🙂

Daniel Restrepo,
Pembroke Pines, Fl Continue reading


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Muy encantada, muy satifecha. Me sirvio de mucha ayuda, totalmente la recomendaria con todo el gusto.

Mike  Borges.
Miami, Fl


Throughout the training period our family has enjoyed having Tere De Leon as our guide and Teo’s instructor. We have overly enjoyed and appreciate her and her work.

Ira and Kimberly Guitierrez,
Miramar, Fl Continue reading


The trainer Teresa De Leon is an excellent trainer. Our puppy felt very comfortable with all the lessons. Currently our puppy follows all the commands that Ms. De Leon taught us. We are very appreciative of her help and her availability throughout our lessons. Mr. & Mrs. Rosa

Jose Rosa,
Hollywood, Fl Continue reading


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Teresa was wonderful. Provided great tips. Very patient and helpful. She was a pleasure to work with.

Renata Spinardi,
Miami, Fl


We are very pleased with all the training received by Teresa De Leon, she is excellent at explaining and understanding the dogs needs. From the first visit our #1 problem was addressed which was excessive barking. She helped Sophie become more obedient and calm which is difficult for that breed. We highly recommend the training for any other person and their pets.

Yelena Gonzalez,
Aventura, Fl Continue reading


Teresa is an excellent trainer who loves dogs and her job. She was always prompt and energetic during the training of my dog. She displays in dept knowledge about this particular breed of dog. I plan to maintain contact with her in case of future problems with Brewskie.

Alvin J. Harris,
Hollywood, Fl Continue reading


We started our training with Teresa during Dec-2015. She has been great. Our puppy is very high energy and Teresa has helped us learn how to discipline her and teach her all the commands. She is the best trainer!!

Frank and Anabelle Colonnelli,
Miami Lakes, Fl  Continue reading


Carlos provided an amazing training experience for our newly rescued Harp. Harp had difficulty fitting into our pack of 3 other dogs (Rottie, 2 mixed) that are older. Through the 10 training sessions, Harp has learned all basic commands, walks well on leash and behaves well with others. He’s now a Gentle Giant. BTW- We know Carlos because he had trained our older Rottweiler when she was 1.5 years!

DJ Manda and Cynde Luthram
Coral Gables, Fl Continue reading

Choco and Chewy

K-9 Solutions is a pleasure to work with they are very nice and accommodating . They are happy to work around specific issues or provide general training and advice. They are very service oriented always making it easy. Teresa is a dream to work with. Thank you for all your help and advice in teaching my family how to train our puppy how to be a better part of our family.

Margarita Almeida,
Miami, Fl Continue reading


Muy satifecha con el entrenamiento, Teresa tiene total conocimiento y control del animal y muy buena la forma de ensenar. Ahora nos toca mas practica a nosotros para poder lograr su nivel de control del animal. Gracias por todo el conocimiento que nos ha dejado para aplicar y perfeccionar nuestra comunicacion con Pienne. Gracias 🙂 .

Olivia Gonzalez,
Doral, Fl Continue reading


No Photo Available

Nos encanto el servicio de K-9 Solutions, Inc.Tere nos enseno muchisimo sobre los perritos y hemos visto gran resultados con Buddy. El programa se los ensena de manera bien divertida. Muchas gracias!!!

Sebastian Valdiviero,
Key Biscayne, Fl


I rescued a Beagle that desperately needed a good home. He was jumping, barking, chewing and jealous of my other dog. I hired K-9 Solutions as my last resort otherwise I was going to find him a new home. Romeo now Sits, doesn’t chew, Stays in Down position-no barking no chewing. He is a wonderful pet now thanks to Teresa who trained him. She is knowledgeable regarding behavior of dogs. I love my dog. I love Teresa.

Marsha Glover,
Homestead, Fl Continue reading


No photo available

Pucca aprendio a seguir commandos basicos y a calmarse. Aprendimos sobre el comportamiento de manada y la mentalidad de los perros y mucho sobre la psicologia de los perros.

Eliana Grobman,
North Miami Beach, Fl


We called K-9 Solutions because our beautiful Yorkshire was out of control. Doing pee and poop everywhere and feeling like the king of the house. Thanks to her training (Teresa) now the dog has a good behavior, is obedient and most of all compliments our family. Thank you Carlos, thank you Teresa, thank you K-9 Solutions!!

Ruben and Nora Rivero,
Aventura, Fl Continue reading


No photo available

A nuestra familia nos fue de maravilla el entrenamiento para nuestro perro con Teresa, ella es una persona muy professional y entregada a su trabajo, se interesa por que siempre haya un progreso en lo que nos ensena  se encarga de dar la clase segun las necesidades de nuestro perro, estamos muy contentos y agradecidos. Gracias Tere y K-9 Solutions.

Julio Martos,
Miami, Fl


It was challenging but great experience. Teresa was amazing and had patience with us and Escobar the entire time. I would recommend K-9 Solutions and Teresa to everyone! Thank you!

Safira Celcis,
Pembroke Pines, Fl Continue reading


Teresa was a great instructor, Nala changed completely from start to the end of her training. She has helped her by implementing all her training and techniques. I would highly recommend her to any friends and family and with no doubt I would get her to train any of my puppies.

Camila Espinosa,
Hialeah, Fl Continue reading


These courses have taught us the necessary skills needed to train our new member of the family. His whole personality has changed from uncontrollable, to peaceful angel. Samantha and I have learned everything needed so that Milo can be a part of the family.

Christian Santori and Samantha Williams,
Plantation, Fl Continue reading


This training helped improve the behavioral of my dog Aspen. learning new things from Teresa I became an Alpha and overcame the power to take charge. Hope Aspen later on in life begins to stay trained throughout his doggy life.

Miramar, Fl Continue reading


With the help of Teresa De Leon from K-9 Solutions our very sweet but nervous dog has changed into a very well behaved dog. Teresa has been very helpful to us to help change our rescue dog. she was patient and kind to us as well as our furry baby, Madison.

Ellen Metelnikow and Edwin Rivera,
Miami, Fl  Continue reading


Teresa our dog trainer, it has truly been an inspirational lesson for both our family as well as our dog Stryker. Being a pup that destroyed everything to becoming an obedient dog. We will strongly say that Teresa is  great at what she does as a dog trainer. We can’t thank you enough. God bless you. Love Medina family.

Raul Medina Jr.
Miami Lakes, Fl Continue reading


Teresa was a very patient trainer, she takes her time with the dog and letting me understand the concept of getting my dog well trained. I understand it will take time, but over all she took her time to train bless everyway she can. She is always on time and I would gladly recommend her to anyone who needs their dog trained. Loved her work!

Kebra Stewart,
Miramar, Fl Continue reading


Teresa De Leon is really a good trainer. I’m happy because my dog is behaving so much better now and I have control. On the first days with him I was getting crazy, he peed and pooped all around, and now he does it all outside in the garden.

Fabio and Joana Ribeiro,
Miami Continue reading


I am very happy with the training of my dog that I received from Teresa De Leon. She is very patient and explains every command until you fully learn how to do them correctly. so glad I finally decided to hire a trainer. I would have not been able to train my dog on my own.

Clara Suarez,
Miami, Fl Continue reading


La senora Teresa me enseno a entrenar mi perra y todo ha sido muy interesante, porque la perrita siempre que le ensenamos algo ella lo asimilaba rapido. Gracias por todo.

Luis Rodriguez,
Hialeah, Fl Continue reading


Teresa was a great trainer, she showed me self discipline with myself before the dog, so that in hand my dog followed right behind. The psychological part of dog ownership is a strong part of the training, so self teaching would come hand in hand with the obedience. I would like to thank Teresa so much for what I have learned and hope to start some more fun stuff.

William Roa,
Miami, Fl Continue reading