Dog Training in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Pinecrest

You can be the best dog trainer in the world but if you don't know how to teach the owners it's not going to work. With K-9 Solutions you learn along with your dog so you'll be rest assured you're not going to do anything that goes against our expert dog training and understand how to follow through with it. It doesn't matter if he listens to the dog trainer he needs to listen to you, his owner. Only 3% of the population knows what you will learn with K-9 Solutions. Whether you own a puppy or a dog we offer 3 levels of training:

  • Level 1 includes Basic Obedience Dog Training in your home - 6 Weeks

Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Walk with a loose leash, Heel, Go to your place, Wait at the door, and here is some more good news you have been waiting for, most of the time when people ask about dog training it's because they have a problem or they want to prevent them, that's why level 1 which is our most economical level also includes solving or preventing all of these common behavior problems:

Behavior Problems

Housebreaking, destructive chewing, digging, jumping, separation anxiety, aggression, excessive barking, running away, leash pulling or biting, begging or stealing food, fearfulness, totally out of control, not obedience trained the list goes on and on.

  • Level 2 Advanced Off Leash Dog Training in your home - 10 Weeks

This includes level 1 and all of the commands off leash:

Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Walk with a loose leash, Heel, Go to your place, Wait at the door,

  • Level 3 Please call for more information

In Kennel/ Boarding & Training

If you would like Carlos Puentes to personally train your dog twice a day for 4 to 6 weeks then this is your best option. Perfect for the family that wants to go on vacation and come back to a properly trained dog that is well behaved while paying just a little more than what it costs for boarding alone. In Kennel/Boarding & Training includes your choice of the 3 levels offered for in- home dog training. The difference is that you'll leave your dog with someone who understands your dog's personality so he comes back great instead of worse.

Considering the amount of money spent on unnecessary destructive behavior, veterinary bills, lawsuits, throughout the whole life of your dog it's worth it to pay a one-time fee to have a great relationship with a dog you're going to have for years. You get rid of the dog problems and keep your dog. It's a no brainer A properly trained dog: Save! An improperly trained dog: Spend more! If you think about what you spend on toys, food, grooming yet not enjoying your dog because of unnecessary bad behavior you won't let all that money be spent in vain. Get rid of the dog problems and keep your dog!

Use the contact form or Call K-9 Solutions to get more information about our expert dog training and behavior solutions and start enjoying the benefits of a properly trained dog today. Dade 305-825-0057 Broward 954-443-3113