Why Choose K-9 Solutions Dog Training?

When dogs are a problem we are the solution!

No one likes to come home to a wrecked home or step outside with visitors to a yard that looks like a land fill only to hear your dog barking excessively and your neighbor complaining about it, and a housebreaking problem is not what comes to mind when we think about aroma therapy not to mention how unhygienic it is especially if children are present. Just one of these problems can be embarrassing to say the least.

Behavior Problems

Housebreaking, destructive chewing, digging, jumping, separation anxiety, aggression, excessive barking, running away, leash pulling or biting, begging or stealing food, fearfulness, totally out of control, not obedience trained the list goes on and on.

We can help you with any dog problems but below are the ones that always top the list


Anyone who's owned a dog with a housebreaking problem knows how stressful and disruptive it can be for the whole family. Behavior problems mess everything up including the relationship with your spouse.

It starts with a little mistake here and there and before you know it that little boo boo turned into a huge learned behavior and a big reoccurring problem for you "the owner" and everyone else involved, not for the dog. When it comes to expensive carpets, laminate and wooden floors even furniture housebreaking problems can cause hundreds and even thousands of dollars over time or in just a few days and even put your dog's health at risk. And that's when unfortunately the newspapers start rolling up, the fingers start pointing not just between family members but to the dog as well and yes, even today some dogs get their nose rubbed in their own urine and feces as a last attempt by desperate dog owners that are given the wrong information. Everything is out of control the puppy's going crazy, the owners are going crazy and the sad truth is that it's not the dog's fault he's just not properly trained.

If your dog continues to urinate and defecate in your home then obviously it's not a problem for your dog if it was a problem for your dog he wouldn't be doing it anymore. Either he's trained or he's not. When your dog lowers his head when you yell at him near his urine or feces he's not feeling guilty, that's a people problem. He is lowering his head because he's scared of being near you when you're close to his urine or feces but know that that will not give him a reason to stop urinating or defecating in your home.

Anyone can tell you "put your dog in a crate and he'll stop urinating in your home" or "put out a wee wee pad on the floor, oh and how about this one "just put your dog's nose in his own feces and urine and later he will be housebroken and if he doesn't learn he's a stupid or bad dog." Sound familiar? It's a possibility that you've already tried these to no avail and worsened the problem. A call to K-9 Solutions today will keep "the know it all" away.

Are you digging for a whole solution?

Digging is a problem for you! Digging is not a problem for your dog. If it was a problem for your dog he wouldn't be doing it. It most likely is a solution to a problem he has. There are people problems and there are dog problems in any relationship if only one person's problem are taken care of it won't be much of a relationship. K-9 Solutions will help you solve both people and dog problems. Can you dig it?

Destructive chewing?

Destructive chewing is probably the most costly problem you will ever encounter as an unhappy dog owner. If your dog is chewing you out of your home and causing severe damage to furniture, baseboards, carpeting, curtains, draperies, or any other valuables including your wallet then let us help you get your home back and get your dog off the chew chew train.

Use the contact form or Call K-9 Solutions to get more information about our expert dog training and behavior solutions and start enjoying the benefits of a properly trained dog today.